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Dr. Thurman, MD

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Douglas R. Thurman, MD, board-certified in gastroenterology and internal medicine, had a significant interest in pancreatic and biliary tract diseases and an expertise in performmg ERCP procedures. As a 1977 Texas A&M graduate, he moved on to attend The University of Texas Medical School in Houston and completed his residency in Internal Medicine in 1986 and Gastroenterology Fellowship training in 1988, both at the Umversity of Texas Southwestern Medical School's affiliated hospitals in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Thurman served as an attending physician at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas prior to relocating to Houston where he joined the highly acclaimed private group practice, Digestive & Liver Disease Consultants, PA in 2003. More than Dr. Thurman loved the practice of medicine in field Of Gastroenterology, he loved caring for his patients. He loved them and they returned that love many times over. His joy came from sparing his patients the pain, discomfort and humiliation that often accompanies this field. Dr. Thurman was an expert at finding the right combination of medication partnered with a dash of thoughtful creativity and a little extra compassion. His conservative approach, unsurpassed bedside manner and approachability earned him six time recognition bv and the American Registry for the prestigious "Patients Choice" award.

It is with great sadness and deepest regret that we announce the sudden and untimely passing of Dr. Douglas R. Thurman. Dr. Thurman passed peacefully on Saturday, April 23, 2016. We have lost a wonderful friend, colleague and highly skilled physician. Dr. Thurman was an integral part of our group over the past 14 years; he practiced with impeccable integrity and provided compassionate service. More than he loved the practice of medicine and the field of Gastroenterology, he loved caring for all of his patients.

In honoring his legacy, we will make him proud by giving our best to his patients, with all of the kindness, compassion and attention that he so generously gave all these years.

As a tribute to Dr. Thurman, and to preserve his legacy for generations to come, we are working on preparing a memory book for his family. We kindly request your assistance with this project. We simply ask you to share your fondest memory or funniest story with us and include how you knew or met Doug. Our goal is to obtain as many stories or memories as possible from those who knew and worked with him over the years. Anyone wishing to contribute may send their story by clicking the link below and following the instructions on the site. Please feel free to share this request with others who knew Dr. Thurman. Thank you.


Thurman Memorial Tribute
Howard B. Hamat, MD, FRCP 
Ramu Chalasani, MD
Laura Peterkin, PA-C & Kristen Jardine, PA-C
Sarah E. Hodges, Practice Administrator & 
Sheena Orn, Clinical Coordinator